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Our exclusive stock of hand-picked classics


During the current Coronavirus outbreak we've taken this time to carry out a number of website updates, bringing our customers an even better buying experience. You'll find each car now comes with more photographs, plus you'll find three videos; interior, exterior and then a full presentation where you'll also get to see the cars out on the open's a virtual showroom on you pc / mobile device.

If you're interested in one of our classics we've added a new page 'How to Buy' which guides you through the process and you'll be pleased to know that during the Coronavirus outbreak we're also offering free delivery on all our cars.

We're still actively looking for more amazing classics, so if you think you have something that would fit within our portfolio, from Alfa Romeo to Wolseley then please do feel free to contact us......we can't wait to see your offering!

Kind regards,

Mark, Carl and Richard @ Absolute Classic Cars.

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